Caloundra Power Boat Club - Fishing Club

Membership / Rules and Bylaws.

Fishing Club members must be a financial member of the Caloundra Power Boat Club. Fishing Club membership is $40 per person or $75 per family unit per financial year. Juniors under the age of 18 years are free. All members and juniors are covered by QAFCA insurance.

  • Fishing Club members must be a financial member of the Caloundra Power Boat Club
  • Fishing Club membership fee is $40.00 per person or $75 per family unit per financial year
  • Juniors – under 18 years of age are free
  • Members & juniors covered by QAFCA insurance (cost of $14.00 & $6.00 from membership)


  • Assist in raffle duties – Friday nights – approximately twice a year
  • Assist in barbecue duties at monthly weigh ins – approximately once a year
  • Wear club T Shirt on raffle duties and at monthly weigh in

Interested in Joining our Club

You can download our membership form FROM THIS LINK. We look forward to seeing you at a meeting or at one of our outings.

If you need to order club apparel, please visit Coast Image Wear Website.


If a member is unable to do the raffle on the allocated date, it is his/her responsibility to arrange a swap with another member and early notification given to Terry Graham.
Failure to do this will result in being unable to participate in the members draw at the end of a competition weekend.
Members are required to commence the Friday evening raffles at 6pm with the raffle being drawn at 7pm. (with the exception for the month of January when the raffles commence at 5:30pm with the draw being held at 6:30pm).
JANUARY3/01/2020Leon & Sue Freeleagus
10/01/2020Pat & Narelle Evans
17/01/2020Mick & Debbie Graham
24/01/2020Al & Libby Zernike
FEBRUARY31/01/2020Jason Martin & Jennifer Small
7/02/2020Trevor & Jan Heitman
14/02/2020Bob Calcutt & Dennis Dunn
21/02/2020Rod Browne & Craig Zebrovius
MARCH28/02/2020Kerry Cuskelly & Jason Brittle
6/03/2020Barry & Bern Johnson
13/03/2020Toosjie McWhirter & Sarah Browne
20/03/2020Ian Sanders & David Green
27/03/2020Adam & Jade Evans
APRIL3/04/2020Paul & Heather Kenderick
10/04/2020NO RAFFLES
17/04/2020Craig McQueen & Kellie Dewar
24/04/2020Pat & Casey McDermid
MAY1/05/2020Paul & Leeanne Cannon
8/05/2020Al & Liz McMillan
15/05/2020Glenn Gadischkie & Trevor Govey
22/05/2020Terry & Michael Graham
29/05/2020Sue & Sean Leak
JUNE5/06/2020Max Elliott & Gail Isaac
12/06/2020Brent & Sonia Minniecon
19/06/2020Ross Norman & Will Hussey
26/06/2020Ross & Gail Gray
JULY3/07/2020To be announced
10/07/2020To be announced
17/07/2020To be announced
24/07/2020To be announced
AUGUST31/07/2020To be announced
7/08/2020To be announced
14/08/2020To be announced
21/08/2020To be announced
28/08/2020To be announced
SEPTEMBER4/09/2020To be announced
11/09/2020To be announced
18/09/2020To be announced
25/09/2020To be announced
OCTOBER2/10/2020To be announced
9/10/2020To be announced
16/10/2020To be announced
23/10/2020To be announced
NOVEMBER30/10/2020To be announced
6/11/2020To be announced
13/11/2020To be announced
20/11/2020To be announced
22/11/2020To be announced
DECEMBER4/12/2020To be announced
11/12/2020To be announced
18/12/2020To be announced
25/12/2020To be announced


If a member is unable to do the BBQ on the allocated date, it is his/her responsibility to arrange a swap with another member and early notification given to Terry Graham.
Failure to do this will result in being unable to participate in the members draw at the end of a competition weekend.
The commencement of cooking for the BBQs is midday on monthly competition days. Other annual competitions are to be advised.
JANUARY19/01/2020Paul Cannon & Jason Martin
FEBRUARY9/02/2020Michael O’Neill & Jason Brittle
MARCH 8/03/2020Al Zernike & Al McMillan
MARCH (TC)22/03/2020Leon Freeleagus & Ross Gray
APRIL19/04/2020Mick Graham & Paul Kenderick
MAY24/05/2020Pat McDermid & Adam Evans
JUNE21/06/2020David Green & Trevor Heitman
JULY (BC)To be announcedWill Hussey & Sean Leak
JULY To be announcedTrevor Govey & Michael O’Neill
AUGUSTTo be announcedIan Sanders & Max Elliott
SEPTEMBERTo be announcedBob Calcutt & Dennis Dunn
SEPTEMBER(WC)To be announcedBrent Minniecon & Glenn Gadischkie
OCTOBERTo be announcedPaul Cannon & Kerry Cuskelly
NOVEMBERTo be announcedAl Zernike & Al McMillan
DECEMBERTo be announcedPat McDermid & Adam Evans
Note: Terry Graham will be in contact with members listed in the above rosters during the week prior to their allocation to confirm their availability. Any concerns, please contact Terry on mobile 0408 190 569.

Rules and By-Laws

All voting members of the Caloundra Power Boat Club are eligible to join the Fishing Club upon payment of an annual membership fee due on the 1st July each year.

Fishing Club meetings are held at the Club commencing at 7.00pm on the last Monday of the bi-month or at the discretion of the Committee. Competitions are held as per the fishing calendar distributed to members, commencing at 12.00am Midnight and finishing at the weigh-in 12.00 Noon Sunday at the Club. These fishing competitions are for both Offshore and Estuary (which can be fished from a boat, the beach or from the shore).

Rules. Revised June 2016

  1. All competitors must be financial members of the CPBC/CPBCFC.

  2. Monthly competitions are fished between 12:00 Midnight Friday nights and 12:00 noon Sunday only. A weigh-in fee applies. These funds will be devoted to promoting junior fishing and a percentage donated to charity. You must have fished at least 4 hours or have caught an eligible fish to weigh in. Any infringement of Queensland Fisheries or club rules will result in disqualification from that competition.

  3. Estuary fish sizes are as per sheet available from Committee.

  4. Queensland Fisheries rules and regulations, sizes and bag limits apply for offshore and estuary (except as in 3 above) and unless Queensland Fisheries rules state otherwise. A maximum of 15 fish per competitor applies to both offshore & estuary for all Grades.

    A GRADE a maximum of 5 fish per species can be weighed in.
    OFFSHORE, VETERANS, B GRADE, LADIES & JUNIORS, 1 species a maximum of 10 fish, all others a maximum of 5 fish.

  5. All fish are weighed in whole or gilled and gutted if so desired at all club competitions.

  6. The normal prizes for a monthly competition, for Offshore and Estuary, both A Grade and B Grade, Veterans, Juniors and Ladies, are club or sponsor vouchers. There must be more than one competitor, per division, (except juniors) before awarding a winner. Should there be only one lady or veteran competitor in the Estuary there will be no competition and the lady/veteran will compete against the men in the respective sections. All senior male members have been divided into A Grade and B Grade for Estuary competitions based on a rating system. All new members, except those with acknowledged ability, will be placed in B grade, and their ratings reviewed after each and every competition for their first six weigh-ins. If their rating exceeds the Previous year benchmark, they will immediately be transferred to A grade retaining all accumulated competition and handicap points.

  7. All competitions, both Estuary and Offshore, are run on a points system.

  8. Points System
    5 points if compete and weigh in (no fish)
    10 points for weigh in (a fish)
    20 points for each kilo
    10 points for each fish

    The person with the highest accumulated points, after allowing for handicaps, wins the competition.

  9. All points obtained in competitions are accumulated, and at yearly presentation, awards are presented to the winners and awards are presented to the winners and runners-up of all divisions, based on the best ten results out of the twelve monthly competitions. Winners and runners up trophies are also presented for the highest accumulated points from the four nominated monthly competitions, being the months of September, December, March and June. The four month trophies are for Offshore, Men’s, Ladies and Juniors.

    Awards are also presented for some of the heaviest fish for both offshore and estuary.
    Special Heaviest Species Trophies
    Bruce Trethan Memorial Trophy - Bream
    Barry Purcell Memorial Trophy - Whiting
    Schulz Family Trophy - Junior

  10. During the year special competitions are held. These include, the Annual Whiting competition, Annual Bream competition and Teams Competition. Rule variations apply to these competitions.

  11. Any members of the Caloundra Power Boat Club are invited to attend our bi-monthly general meetings. There is a notice board at the Club displaying all the information concerning future Fishing Club activities. In all situations the Committees decision will be final. All members are required to sell raffle tickets and complete BBQ duties as rostered. Non-compliance may result in a penalty determined by the Committee.

  12. Each club member is required to purchase a Club T Shirt at a discounted price and wear it when rostered to sell raffle tickets and at the monthly weigh in.

    The committee accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage to any person in the course of any club activity whether such injury or loss is due to or is alleged to be due to any act, neglect or default of any official or agent. All competitors fully understand that in participating they do so their own risk.


    Revised 2019

    All Social Clubs are formed under the Constitution of the Caloundra Power Boat Club Limited (adopted 28 September 2008), in particular clause 24 titled ‘Interest Groups’. Therefore these Clubs must abide by the Constitution and all legislation that directs the operations of the Club.

    All funds generated by fund raising activities on Club premises by Social Clubs or Interest Groups must be processed through the Caloundra Power Boat Club internal clubs financial accounts system immediately following the activity. In addition, the Social Club that generates the funds must also lodge, with the funds, a return/s providing details of the funds raised and the prizes awarded. General and accounting records must be kept correctly, recording and explaining the transactions for the activities, for a period of five years. * Social Clubs that have regular weekly/monthly competitions where income and expenditure occur may be required by the Caloundra Power Boat Club Board to produce audited financial statements. The Social Club must pay for the cost of the audit. *

    All expenditure of funds held in the internal clubs financial accounts system, other than minor purchases/refunds made through petty cash, must have Board approval prior to commitment of any purchase by way of written notification to and from the Board.

    All sponsorship arrangements or agreements with a Social Club or Interest Group from the Caloundra Power Boat Club are reviewed annually on application to the Board from the Social Club or Interest Group.

    All social functions, such as Presentation Nights, are to be held at the Caloundra Power Boat Club.

    The Board encourages Social Club or Interest Group members to use the Club barbecue facilities for any social occasion.

    With the exception of private sponsorship prizes, all other prizes, where practical, are to be in the form of Caloundra Power Boat Club vouchers that are redeemable through the Quarterdeck Restaurant, bottle shop or Portside Cafe.

    Volunteers selling raffle tickets or carrying out any other work in any capacity for a not-for-profit association at the Caloundra Power Boat Club are considered workers under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. Therefore these volunteers are afforded protection by the Club if they undertake their volunteer duties in accordance with the CPBC’s Drug and Alcohol Policy (HR004) for employees. This policy states that:

    • The consumption of alcohol or the intoxication of an employee immediately before or during working hours is strictly prohibited and constitutes serious misconduct. Such activities will result in the immediate termination of the employee.

    This means that all raffle ticket sellers should not consume alcohol immediately before, or during the process of, selling raffle tickets or drawing the raffle prizes.

    * These requirements are to meet the provisions of the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999.

    24 Interest groups

    24.1 Interest groups

    • (a) The Board may in its discretion:
      • (i) Authorise the formation of any number of incorporated groups (interest group) within the Company with such recreational, sporting or other objectives as it sees fit.
      • (ii) Approve the Constitution under which any interest group will function.
      • (iii) Regulate the activities of any interest group by rule, regulation or by law or by direction of the Board.
      • (iv) Disband any interest group.
    • (b) The name of each interest group will be ‘Caloundra Power Boat Club Limited’ (insert activity) Club.
    • (c) A Member of the Company will not form or participate in the activities of any group which;
      • (i) uses the name or Facilities of the Company; or
      • (ii) conducts its activities or the management of its affairs within the Premises. which has not been authorised by the Board as a interest group.
    • (d) Membership of any interest group will be restricted to those who are Members of the Company.
    • (e) Whilst a Member is engaged in an activity of an interest group, he will be bound by the Constitution and by laws of the Company including those relating to conduct.
    • (f) All money or other property acquired by an interest group will vest in the Company but will during the continued existence of the group be applied for the purposes of that group.
    • (g) The Company will act as banker to each interest group and no accounts or investments will be held otherwise by an interest group.
    • (h) Each group may elect it’s own officers and conduct it’s own affairs (including setting of its own Membership and other fees) subject to its own and this Constitution and any rules, regulations or by laws or directions of the Board.
    • (i) Each group will provide such information, reports and minutes of its meetings as may be required by the Board.

    Extract from Caloundra Power Boat Club Ltd Constitution 28 September 2008


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